outdoor activities for children

Children of tender ages need to develop holistically as they grow. If your child tenaciously clings to a computer game or indefatigably insists to watch TV and heatedly refuses to engage in any outdoor activities, raise the red flag for this is a harbinger of a disoriented childhood life. Without any prejudice to indoor activities, it is therefore prudent to encourage your child to engage in outdoor activities.

outdoor activities for children are quite vital in the growth and development of children in the following aspects:

-They help to build the child's self-confidence from interacting with other children;

-They enable a child to enhance his social skills as he connects with his mates;

-They enable the child to develop his physique and physical skills. This is in the sense that through engaging in outdoor activities, a child averts the risk of becoming obese;

-A child enhances his creativity.

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1. Feeding the pets

Such an activity is quite critical for the development of a child as it enhances the child's appreciation of and interaction with Mother Nature. It helps the child to develop his love for animals such that he can take care of his pet even at his tender age. Moreover, feeding pets could result into an exhilarating and extremely entertaining activity for the child.

2. Taking a hike

Strolling with your child through a breathtaking landscape is another activity that fills the child with inexplicable joy. Hiking in a small forest with your child is also a perfect way for enhancing your child's appreciation of nature. This makes the child susceptible to conserving the environment and makes them conscious of the importance of a clean environment.

3. Enacting a play

This activity involves the child playing the role of another person as they enact the play. This is quite important for the holistic development of the child. By enacting roles in a play, the child improves his verbal and non-verbal cues which are fundamental for his welfare throughout his lifetime. It also facilitates the child's emotional maturity as he learns various skills like conflict resolution during the play. It improves the child's social competence as the child gets to experience his peers points of view and perception of life and how to cope with them.

4.  Engaging in artistic activities such as painting

This is a salient way of ensuring that the child's talent is developed and nurtured. Exceptionally talented legends like Francisco de Goya definitely had their exquisite talents nurtured in them from childhood. It is also a way of enabling the child express himself as he is able to put his perception of the world on paper.

5. Play a game such as Football or bike-riding

These activities are essential in enhancing the child's physical ability as they are in constant use of their bodies. Learning to ride bicycles or to play Football also enables the child to enhance his talent. Winning Ball on D'or or Tour de France are accolades that are accorded to perfectly crafted and nurtured talents.

Despite the society evolving into a state where children are introverted and unfathomably addicted to computer games and TV shows, there has to be a paradigm shift. Children need to engage in more outdoor activities as they are vital in enhancing their holistic development.